Getting Started/Common Questions

What Kind of Therapy is Right for Me?

Take the first step in creating the relationship you've always wanted.

Please contact us if you have any questions about whether couples counseling is for you. In most cases, we will respond to your message within 24 hours.

If you are ready for therapy, you can start the process by calling us at (413) 570-0067 to do a phone intake. During your intake, we will determine who the best counselor is for you given your unique situation, while taking into account the availability of our counselors and your insurance coverage. Once you agree on an intake appointment time, as a specialty Center, we require a one-time only $125 non-refundable intake processing fee. Please note that this fee does not cover the cost of the intake appointment.  

Where do I start to schedule an initial therapy appointment?

Our intake coordinator Darrel will be happy to talk to you in much more detail about options for therapy that are offered at the Couples Center. You can contact him at (413) 570-0067 or by filling out our contact form and he will call you back. 

For Couples Intensives, please contact either Dr. Donna Gilman directly at (413) 687-7681 or Katherine Waddell directly at 413-695-7193.

Do you take my insurance?

Find out here.

How long are appointments?

Our usual standard is 75 minute appointments.

Can we do online couples therapy or coaching?

In many situations, yes, for sure! See the section on Online Therapy for more info

How long will this process take?

Our belief is that true, lasting growth - what we call developmental growth - in couples takes time. We encourage clients to commit to a minimum of 10 sessions to begin. We find this is a reasonable amount of time for a couple to get a realistic sense of what is possible and make a determination about continued treatment from there.

Our experience is that no matter how big your problem, if both partners are determined to look at themselves and work both independently and collectively on the issues, change is realistic.

If, on the other hand, a couple is seeking therapy after many years of anger, resentment and lack of trust, each partner tends to focus only on what the other partner needs to change, rather accept than their own shortcomings. This can slow the process.

Some of the most successful couples we have treated choose to continue therapy for longer periods of time, having found that through their continued commitment to doing the work, it has helped create a climate of sustained intimacy and personal responsibility taking.

What if my spouse won't attend?

We offer short term individual coaching through our Hopeful Spouse counseling model.

What if one of us are not sure we want to stay together?

You have come to the right place. We offer short-term Discernment Counseling option (typically for a maximum of five sessions) for couples who are trying to make a decision about whether or not to stay together. If you decide to move forward beyond Discernment Counseling, couples therapy would follow. 

What if my partner or I has a drug or alcohol issue?

One of the most common and difficult problems in couples is substance abuse. All of the clinicians at the Couples Center have extensive experience in treating addictions, both within and without 12-step programs.

What is your experience with LGBTQ populations?

Extensive! Your couples or individual therapist can talk directly to you about this and what your concerns are, but most therapists at the Center have experience with working with LGBTQ clients and families. If you are not sure and want to talk more about this with one of the Directors we are happy to discuss it further. 

Do you take credit cards?

We accept all major credit cards.

To book an appointment, please submit this form.

Before you can book an appointment at our center, we will need more information about you before you can proceed. Please fill out this form to provide more information about your insurance plan, current situation, and availability. 

Once we receive the form, we will run your benefits and provide you with the exact quote of our sessions along with a list of our clinicians who are credentialed to work with you on based on your insurance. If you'd like to request a specific clinician, please indicate their name on the form.  

We will get back to you within 1-2 business days with information regarding available appointments, payment options, and paperwork instructions. 

Please note that we cannot book an appointment for you without this information. This is the fastest and most secure way for us to receive your personal health information, address your questions, and book you with an appointment as soon as possible.