Ketamine Assisted Psychotherapy

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Accelerate your growth and evolution with medically administered Ketamine Assisted Therapy (KAP)

Ketamine is a psychoactive drug that was first synthesized in 1962 and has been used in the U.S. as an anesthetic in medical settings since 1970.  Ketamine has been used off-label in sub-anesthetic doses for the past 20 years to treat chronic pain, depression and a variety of other mental health concerns.  Ketamine has been shown to have a cumulative effect, alleviating symptoms in 30-60% of adults with treatment-resistant depression and other conditions.

KAP is a therapeutic method to address many mental health conditions, including depression, PTSD, chronic pain, addiction and anxiety.  In low doses, Ketamine can serve as a powerful tool and adjunct to psychotherapy, as it allows for a temporary softening of psychological defenses, allowing for more profound processing.

Dr. Gilman is passionate about the facilitation and integration of KAP with couples and individuals.  She completed KAP training through Sapience in Greenfield, MA and has witnessed the incredible healing that Ketamine can provide.  Dr. Gilman integrates strategies from several models, including Internal Family Systems, Gestalt, mindfulness based techniques and the integration of spirituality counseling in KAP sessions with individuals. 

Ketamine Assisted Therapy for individuals 

KAP allows individuals to reduce trauma response, increase self awareness and improve affect regulation.  KAP sessions generally take three hours.  Individuals are required to have their own ongoing psychotherapist.  Three sessions are generally recommended, over a period of several weeks.

Ketamine Assisted Therapy for couples

Using low dose Ketamine with couples work has the powerful potential to create deeper and more rapid growth and healing who have been gridlocked for some time.  Sometimes described as a “lubricant” for the release of defensiveness and anxiety, Ketamine is a tool that can provide a stepping stone toward shifts that might otherwise take years to achieve.

KAP allows couples to support one another through a transformative healing process that can interrupt negative reactive patterns, eliminate gridlock, increase personal accountability and enhance emotional and sexual intimacy in their partnership.

Through KAP, couples can learn to navigate the complex, vulnerable and transformative, terrain of emotional and sexual intimacy issues.  

The Developmental Model of Couples Therapy is a powerful accompaniment to the facilitation of KAP.  The model incorporates three main pillars:  differentiation theory, attachment theory and neuroscience.  The aim of the Developmental Model is to help each partner to understand the way that attachment, level of differentiation and hardwired conditioning are showing up in the ways they relate to each, both in the bedroom, and outside of it.  

By learning more adaptive defense strategies and flexing new emotional muscle around vulnerability, truth telling and boundary setting, many of the destructive cycles that create, exacerbate or maintain sexual difficulties, emotional separation and suffering are diminished.  Clients will learn to experience and express emotionally complex desires and feelings and hold space for their partners to do the same, enhancing the vitality in their sexual encounters and emotional connection.

The Developmental Model, coupled with medically administered Ketamine, allows for each partner to more fully self define, including assessing to what degree each partner is living in alignment with his/her/their own values, become more vulnerable in the expression of their wants needs and desires, learn to emotionally accept and manage difference, set and maintain boundaries, identify defenses, lower their reactivity, regulate their anxiety, and choose more adaptive coping strategies in order to face his/her/their own and their partner's feelings.  

KAP Couples Retreats

KAP private retreats are for couples who:

  • Wish to integrate the use of low dose Ketamine with the Developmental Model
  • Want to address long standing unresolved impasses
  • Undertake honest confrontation of self and develop curiosity toward partner
  • Move through inner blocks and give up well rehearsed projections
  • Surrender from the “I’ll change when you change” game
  • Transcend current narratives about what is possible for “us”
  • Grow new emotional muscle and empathy
  • Create and sustain greater intimacy
  • Learn to manage differences

Couple’s KAP Retreats are 1-3 days of interactive and experiential work.  Through didactic and experiential modules, couples will learn to navigate the complex, vulnerable and transformative, terrain of emotional and sexual intimacy issues. Intensives are customized for the specific goals of each couple.

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