What Kind of Therapy Is Right for Me?

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Individual and Couples Therapy and Online Therapy

Our Couples Therapy work is drawn extensively from the Developmental Model, which differs from some of the other popular couples therapy models (Imago, Emotionally Focused Therapy) that you might be familiar with. Our central principle is to nurture the growth and "differentiation" of each partner, and to put focus on strengthening each partners capacity to tolerate and negotiate differences. This is in contrast to other models, which initially focus on increasing each partners empathy and understanding of each other.

Counseling for Couples in Crisis

A marriage crisis typically occurs as a result of an an event that creates an huge amount of stress, or when an unresolved conflict continues to elevate the level of anxiety one or both partners may be experiencing. Unfortunately, this can create an environment that is too intense for the couple to manage on their own. Pain, anger, resentment and hopelessness can take control of a relationship, and can easily bring about the end of a relationship if the partners refuse to address the situation.

Couples Intensive Therapy

Couples intensive therapy presents a unique opportunity for each partner to dig deep into the cycle of conflict that has kept them stuck for years, or a crisis that has arisen. This helps them take strategic steps to transform their relationship. Intensive couples therapy is appropriate only for couples in which both partners are really ready to put in a big effort to make their relationship work.

Discernment Counseling

Discernment Counseling is specialized, short-term (1-5 sessions) counseling to help couples decide whether to end their relationship or seriously work on it. The focus is not on solving your relationship problems directly, but to see if there is potential that they could ever be solved. The typical goal of Discernment Counseling is to decide whether to split up/divorce, and do it thoughtfully, or decide to work hard for 6 months with both of you putting in real effort. This service is not covered by Insurance. 

Dyad Therapy

Dyad Therapy can be appropriate for combination of two individuals who wish to engage in the therapeutic process. Although the most typical Dyad is consists of parent and child, other dyads can include business partners, brother and sister or long-term friends.

Hopeful Spouse Counseling

Hopeful Spouse Counseling can be appropriate for individuals whose partner or spouse refuses to attend couples therapy with them. It can be considered as a "crash course" to help them learn what they can do without the involvement of their partner. There are many situations in which one person may want to work on a relationship and the other may not be ready, yet or ever. If this describes your relationship or marriage, we can help. 

Individual Therapy and Relationship Coaching

We believe that one person can make a difference in the evolution and health of their relationship. And further, we have seen relationships improve when one partner received therapy, while the other partner was opposed to couples therapy. In fact, individual therapy can often lead to successful outcomes in relationships whose partners had first attempted couples therapy. 

Kick-Start Mini-intensives

We offer Kick Start Mini-Intensives and their follow-ups, for couples who wish to create change in their relationships beginning with a shorter one day intensive than our typical couples intensives, and to combine that with ongoing support after your all-day Kick-Start. We have found that these sessions combined with follow up, can be tremendously useful in starting meaningful transformation and change in many relationships that have been stuck for years.

Parenting Counseling

Specific short term work for couples who want focused work on parenting, or individuals transitioning to single parenting.

Premarital Counseling

As the name implies, Premarital Therapy is counseling for couples who are engaged to be married, or who are similarly partnered, and who want to strengthen their bond early in the game. It is also useful for helping to identify weaknesses that could become problems later on during marriage.

Sexuality Counseling

The Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley offers therapy and counseling focused on sexuality to individuals and couples. Whether you are seeking a more enjoyable sexual relationship with your partner, are a trauma survivor reclaiming your sexual power, or a trying to repair your sexual bond after an affair, we have helped many couples reach successful outcomes.

Therapeutic Separation

A Therapeutic, or Managed Separation is a therapist-facilitated period of time, usually between 3 and 6 months, where a couple physically separate, with the goal of interrupting extremely toxic relationship patterns that have developed. This gives couples the opportunity to have a period of time away from one another to regroup individually and potentially together. A therapeutic separation can typically last anywhere from 3 to 6 months.

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