Rates and Insurance and Common Questions

Insurance Information

The Center currently takes all Blue Cross/Blue Shield plans and all and United Healthcare products (UBH, Harvard Pilgrim, Optum) as well as all insurances that have out-of-network benefits.

We accept all GIC plans as out of network providers.

We are accepting all HMO Tufts plans but no Tufts plans that are Commonwealth Care plans such as "Tufts Health Direct"  

We do not accept any of the following plans: Mass Health, any Health Connector or Commonwealth Care Plans, Health New England HMO, MediCare, Cigna HMO, Beacon HMO, Aetna HMO. 

We are aware that insurance coverage is incredibly confusing; please email us if you are not sure if we accept your insurance, and include a picture of your insurance card.

Out of Pocket Rates

Directors Rates: Please contact Donna Gilman at 413-687-7681 and Katherine Waddell at 413-695-7193 for their availability and rates. 

Senior Associates: 

$125 for 45 minute individual sessions

$200 for 75 minute couples sessions

Associate Therapist Yana Tallon Hicks:

$85 for 45 minute individual sessions

$150 for 75 minute couples sessions

Associate Therapist/MFT Interns Amy Newshore and Erin Sprong Murrell: 

Published rates are $125 for couples and $75 for individuals. These rates can potentially be adjusted for those in economic hardship.