Amy Newshore, M.A.

Senior Relationship Coach

To my work, I bring compassion, skill, intuition and the strong intention to contribute to my clients' growth, well-being and relational happiness. Anchored in a lifelong passion to help people create and experience healthy relationships, I earned a Masters Degree from Antioch New England University in Counseling Psychology and since then have developed a specialty practice in working with couples. I was trained by the Directors of the Couples Center in the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, created and taught by Ellyn Bader and Pete Pearson, and continue in advanced study of its practice. I can’t say enough about the transformative potency of this model, which is the foundation of my Relationship Coaching work. 

I support each partner to experience the fullness of who they are individually, as self- connection and authenticity in relationships create the emotional intimacy people long for. Additionally, the principles of inner wisdom, courage and faith, inspired by my practice of Nicherin Buddhism, are infused within my approach. These powerful influences, along with my strong belief in the positive changes that can be brought about in relationships, even in dire circumstances, are at the center of my work.

I enjoy working with motivated couples who:

*are wanting to take a deeper look at the dynamics in their relationship
*are willing to take ownership of their own contributions to what is working and not working
*are open to putting their time, energy and heart into learning and practicing new and better ways of relating 
*desire high quality relationships and life

Facing inevitable challenges and hardships in our lives is a universal task. I myself have learned to move through mine with courage, faith, wisdom, and an openness to grow. I hope I inspire others to do the same.

Some of my most favorite things in life are being a lifelong learner, walking in the woods, flower gardening, ballroom dancing, healthy food, authentic communication, rock painting, taking the time to focus on the simple joys in life and experiencing the love I am blessed to give and receive.

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