Amy Newshore, M.Ed.

Associate Therapist

Amy brings deep listening and compassion to the struggles partners grapple with and respects each partner’s individual process in couple therapy.  She believes that through couple therapy, partners have a very special opportunity to find their way back to each other when emotional distance, misunderstandings and conflict have taken over. Amy’s interest in Buddhism and her training in Non-Violent Communication, as well as the use of the Developmental Model, enrich her practice as a couples therapist. She provides a supportive, safe space for couples to meet their unique challenges with honesty, courage, and clarity. An important part of her approach involves highlighting the strengths that each partner brings to their relationship and to couples therapy.

When the term “dysfunctional relationships” became a household word for describing troubled, unhealthy relationships in the 1990’s, Amy found that there wasn’t enough information for the general public about what functional, healthy relationships were. She developed and taught classes for singles with the focus on knowing what one wants in a partnership and what the ingredients are that healthy relationships are comprised of. She taught for ten years through continuing education programs at local colleges throughout western MA.

Amy believes in the power that exists within partnership for individuals to strengthen their connection with themselves, therefore enriching their relationship even more.