Chris Buhl, LICSW

Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker

Chris is a dynamic, creative psychotherapist. Chris has worked with children, families, couples and adults in a variety of therapeutic settings for more than 20 years. His practice is based on the belief that we already possess the resources we need to create change in our lives. Rather than analyzing you, Chris works to help you discover your own ability to change and grow, in whatever direction you wish to go. Together you will work to develop greater awareness of how your feelings affect the choices you make. Through that understanding, you will learn how to create lasting change for yourself.

Chris does not believe that people, children or adults, ever need to be fixed. Rather, he knows that we all create patterns as we grow. When those patterns lead to unhealthy responses to situations, unhappiness, loneliness ... then we need to understand and change those patterns.

His work with couples blends his intrinsic belief in the strength and vitality we all posses with a firm understanding of the challenges couples face. He helps couples to recognize their struggles not as problems with one of the other partner, but rather as stuck places in the normal process of human growth and development. Helping each partner develop the ability to both know and communicate their wants and needs without blame (self- or other), he leads couples to see and tolerate healthy conflict as a growth process, while reducing the repetitive and damaging conflict that has gotten them stuck.

From children struggling with their families, to trauma survivors, adolescents facing legal troubles, to families or couples in distress, Chris has helped a wide variety of clients achieve greater happiness and fulfillment. His practice creates a safe and open environment to promote healing and growth.