Darrel Jones, Intake Coordinator

Intake Coordinator

In my role as Intake Coordinator, I work collaboratively with couples, individuals and referral sources seeking relationship support services. I welcome new folks into the Center and answer questions about services we provide here, registering new couples and individuals into our Portal, verifying insurance eligibility, scheduling appointments, and troubleshooting many aspects of the intake process.  I am the first point of contact to communicate with clients, and am committed to informing and educating you about the range of services that the Center offers. I am invested in genuinely partnering all our clients to help you find the right fit for therapists or coaches within our program and reassuring the utmost positive experience.

Overcoming adversity, critical thinking, and connecting with my clientele from a genuine heart are some of the biggest qualities that I bring.  Being able to help change and restore life and relationships for others is my biggest passion.

I am very family-oriented and love spending time with my two beautiful daughters and pouring my energy into their life. Routine morning workouts, endlessly reading, traveling, and having my quiet time are what shape my entire life as well as having a passion to help others. I love people and think communication and having a sit down with human beings is such a sustainable lost art.