David Ettelman

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist

David Ettelman has had the profound privilege of building strong therapeutic relationships with a diverse array of individuals, couples, and families representing a broad spectrum of experience and orientation. Focusing on couples and sex therapy, he holds a great deal of importance in practicing through trauma informed and social justice lenses, striving to provide safe and informed space for marginalized, queer, trans, non-binary, and poly clients.

David received his Masters of Marriage and Family Therapy degree through Antioch University, which provided a cutting edge, diverse, and grounded education. Learning to effectively hold space for real people experiencing profound, complex, and manifold challenges came after.  As a clinician, David believes that simple things often matter most in the therapeutic relationship; respect, caring, open curiosity, minimizing power differential, a bit of humor when appropriate, and a willingness to be fully present and accountable.  

Life and relationships can get complicated and painful. We can go in with the best of intentions and still find ourselves in a maze that leads us away from the connection and intimacy we long for, no matter which way we turn.  Left to our own devices, it is very hard to know how to stop walking down that same old road over and over, even though we know exactly where it leads. David believes that the problem does not rest in any one individual, but in the unsuccessful patterns of problem solving that arise when we are most vulnerable… and that change is possible.

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