Erin Sprong Murrell, M.A.

Senior Associate

Erin brings a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Counseling, many years of coaching,  and her extensive experience creating healthy communities and fostering positive relationships to her work with couples, families, parents, teens, and individuals. Her work is rooted in the belief that “the problem” is the problem, the person’s not the problem.

Working collaboratively with Erin, clients are able to explore new ways of interacting that align with their own values and beliefs, cultivate a sense of self, enhance relational capacity, and foster the confidence needed to manage the complexities of family, peer, and partner relationships. Erin utilizes the interventions and tools of the Developmental Model to create an atmosphere of open and honest communication. so they may gain insight and perspective that is unique to their relationship.

“Effective change requires insight plus action. Insight without action is passivity. Action without insight is impulsive. Insight plus action leads to clarity and power.”  - Ellyn Bader


Erin’s relationship work is influenced by intergenerational, attachment, narrative and collaborative theoretical foundations. She utilizes the interventions and tools of the Developmental Model, Emotionally Focused Therapy, Tapping and mind-body connection to help clients and families move through areas of gridlock, access their inner strength, and generate the change they seek in their relationships.

Relational & Individual Coaching

Erin is a coach with couples, families, and individuals. This can include partners, step-parents, and adult children. Erin offers a collaborative and judgment-free space. She has a passion for working with relationships struggling with issues related to substance use, suicidality, sexual difficulties, loss of intimacy, affairs, ADHD, anxiety, loss, and life transitions. She welcomes clients in any family or relational structure they are in including but not limited to adults relationships, queer families, poly families and relationships, chosen families, adoptive families, faith-based families, and sex workers.  

Family Work

Coaching with adolescents, teens, young adults, adult children

When families are not able to communicate well, an individual's sense of wellbeing can be impacted, creating more tension and stress within a family structure. Erin works from a non-blaming stance to interrupt the protective response which can hijack a families relational interactions. Balancing individual needs with family needs, Erin aids families in developing a framework of open and honest communication, helping families to strengthen connections.

Parent Coaching

Raising kids in the age of technology isn’t easy. While there is access to a multitude of resources, which ones are right for your family? Erin works with parents to identify and develop parenting skills that fit their families unique needs and values. She aids parents to identify their strengths and helps families build a collaborative framework that supports growth and well being.

About Erin

Erin grew up in Northampton MA, and received a BFA in Design Technology from Emerson College in Boston, MA and a Master's Degree in Marraige and Family Counseling from Antioch New England in Keene, NH. She is a parent, daughter, wife, and strong individual in a complex and loving family.

Erin Sprong Murrell
Senior Associate at the Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley