Michael Longo

Licensed Mental Health Counselor and Marriage & Family Therapist

Intimate relationships bring joy and pain to each of us.  No deep partnership is without disappointments, confusion, and an experience of minor or major betrayals.  Yet these predictable challenges invite us to broaden our capacity for understanding and enter new depths of intimacy as we repair and heal. As a marriage and family therapist with a focus on sexuality I believe that no matter what the difficulty, we can all reshape our relationships to have the kind of deep connections we yearn for.

During the 2020 pandemic, I am working with couples whose partnerships are stressed by these unique circumstances.  These disruptions often emerge from pre-existing patterns and present a unique invitation to understanding.  My training includes a focus on sexuality and the ways that it creates or responds to relationship disruption. I help couples strengthen relationship skills already in place, and develop new tools to enhance intimacy, sexuality and the deep understanding which creates a fulfilling relationship. .

Over the last 30 years I have helped couples, families and larger social systems discover new approaches to quickly solve previously insurmountable problems. In addition to my work with couples and families I have developed and led family therapy training and research programs in Massachusetts, Delaware and Maryland and assisted public and private health care systems to provide more effective, relationship focused treatment for their clients.

I believe deeply in the human ability to repair and heal.  And it’s my experience that when we respond to a relationship challenge by seeking help we embrace our own important power of growth.  My strength based, brief treatment approach is built on collaboration, curiosity, and humor. All three are key to creating your relational toolkit and deepening your ability to connect to others.