Sarah Carr, LMHC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor

NOTE: Sarah has transitioned to a new role at our center and is currently not accepting clients during this time.

Sarah is a dynamic and creative somatic psychotherapist who loves helping couples discover how they can grow individually in ways that serve to bring greater intimacy, vitality and connectedness to their relationship. She sees relationships as important vessels for growing human beings and discovering wholeness. She assumes the inherent wisdom of the body and the basic goodness of each person.  

Sarah has been in the field of counseling since 1993 and has worked extensively with families, couples and adults in a variety of therapeutic settings. She specializes in body-based healing and particularly enjoys guiding couples to discover how they can use increased sensory awareness and embodied presence to relate more effectively. She also has training in trauma resolution, via Somatic Experiencing, and a variety of mindfulness practices, including DBT, which offers concrete coping skills. She supports clients in learning how to feel safe in their bodies and be ready to open to one another. Her work is also informed by Attachment Theory, Jungian Psychology, and Narrative Therapy.

She enjoys integrating the above modalities with the Bader-Pearson Developmental Model of couples therapy. The latter helps couples identify where they fit within clear, predictable stages of development with concrete tasks for moving out of painful, repetitive cycles. Through this process she helps individuals strengthen their ability to understand and know themselves and to bring their unique expression to the relationship fully and cleanly, without blame, leading to increased aliveness and health in the relationship.


"I found Sarah to be an excellent facilitator, able to inspire and support a group in the best possible ways. She inspired me on a deep level which allowed me to discover the strength and wisdom to grow progressively.”