Vanessa Wolven, M.S.

Relationship Coach

Vanessa’s positive and energetic coaching skills inspire individuals and couples in finding healthier versions of themselves and strengthening their relationships. Vanessa brings a wealth of clinical and life experience to her position as Relationship Coach at CCPV. She obtained her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy from Long Island University in Westchester, NY in 2013. She has vast experience working with individuals and families, as well as adolescents in agencies and community settings including specializations in family court, domestic violence, substance use and trauma.  

As a woman of color/Haitian American, Vanessa enjoys working and developing relationships with a diversity of clients, and acknowledges the intersectional impact of age, gender, sexuality, race, and culture on one’s beliefs and personality.

Vanessa is very dedicated to working collaboratively with her clients, together deciding on goals then implementing the necessary skills and tools needed to achieve the best results throughout the journey. She combines empathy and strong leadership in her work; she believes in providing safe space for her clients to feel heard and supported. Vanessa is passionate about supporting each individual and couple to remain hopeful about their personal and relationship goals. 

Bringing her own special blend of skills to her couples and individuals as a Relationship Coach, Vanessa utilizes principles of the Developmental Model of Couples Therapy, as well as CBT, motivational interviewing, and solution-focused work. 

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