Yana Tallon-Hicks, Associate Therapist

MFT Intern

Yana Tallon-Hicks, Associate Therapist, brings a wealth of professional and academic experience to her work with couples at CCPV. Yana is currently an MFT Intern and graduate student in the Marriage & Family Therapy Masters Program at Antioch New England where she’s developed an interest in how our attachment needs and injuries impact our intimate and romantic connections with our partners.

Yana is also a distinguished local and national sex & sexuality writer and educator.  Yana recently had the honor of being invited to deliver a TED talk, and her writing is both nationally and locally published. She was initially trained in human sexuality education by Dr. Carol Queen and Dr. Charlie Glickman after receiving a CLPP Reproductive Rights and Activist Service Corp grant in 2007. She earned her Bachelor’s degree in LGBTQQ and Sexuality Studies from Hampshire College in 2008.

Yana’s workshops have been taught at colleges and youth groups all over New England. Yana works with youth, college students, and adults to create a welcoming & comfortable space to explore crucial aspects of our holistic, sexual selves such as pleasure, communication, consent & the body.

Yana brings her unique comfort with and knowledge of sex and sexuality issues to the couples she works with at CCPV and is especially interested in working with LGBTQQ couples & those in non-traditional relationship structures.