Counseling for Couples in Crisis

A marriage crisis typically occurs as a result of an an event that creates an huge amount of stress, or when an unresolved conflict continues to elevate the level of anxiety one or both partners may be experiencing. Unfortunately, this can create an environment that is too intense for the couple to manage on their own. Pain, anger, resentment and hopelessness can take control of a relationship, and can easily bring about the end of a relationship if the partners refuse to address the situation.

Some counselors define a marriage crisis as a marriage where one or both partners desire to end the marriage, whether it is due to the discovery of an affair or other infidelity, substance abuse, sexual addiction, mental illness or physical disability. If your marriage has been affected by any of these issues, we can offer immediate assistance through Intensives, Mini-Intensives and Kick Start Intensives for couples. These are the best way to take immediate action.