Hopeful Spouse Counseling

Short-Term Counseling for Individuals

Hopeful Spouse Counseling can be appropriate for individuals whose partner or spouse refuses to attend couples therapy with them. It can be considered as a "crash course" to help them learn what they can do without the involvement of their partner. There are many situations in which one person may want to work on a relationship and the other may not be ready, yet or ever. If this describes your relationship or marriage, we can help. 

Individual therapy help you put the focus back on you and your own possibilities and tries to you get you in touch with your own choices. Your therapist can then help guide and coach you to go after what could make a difference in your relationship, taking the power out of the hands of your mate and putting it back into yours.

This protocol was developed by Dr. Bill Doherty as an alternative for individuals whose partners refuse to attend couples therapy with them.