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Exceptional Clinical Consultation is the Secret to Successful Clinical Practice

Couples therapy can be extremely challenging – even for seasoned therapists. Just about every therapist knows the primary objective of high distressed couples. They each want us to fix their partner, that’s what they want! But we can’t give them what they want, and that’s frustrating for them -and us!

The benefits of finding competent clinical supervision are manifold and include:

* Knowing that you have targeted interventions that work to get you and your clients unstuck when your clients are at an impasse and you are not sure what to do

* Feeling like someone has your back with your toughest cases, with guidance in creating clear clinical goals and structure that has a clear beginning, middle and end

* Working through any countertransference issues

* Learning new techniques based on differentiation theory, attachment theory and neuroscience that you can apply to your other clients

* Growing more differentiated as a therapist to provide more effective treatment and greater abundance in your practice

Having a dedicated mentor can be a game changer for any therapist. Why us?

First off, we have been through these battles. We have over 45 years of couples therapy experience between us, with these very issues, and have learned through painful trial and error how to avoid becoming ensnared in psychological defenses and verbal assaults.We also have studied with masters of couple’s therapy including Ellyn Bader, Peter Pearson, Esther Perel and Bill Doherty, to discover what we were doing right – and what we were doing that sometimes just made things worse. That is how we became artists in working with couples. We honed our interventions. We became confident, skillful, and effective. We slept better at night. And tough couples were rewarded with new life.

And we have a deep commitment to training and mentoring couples therapists, and sharing our hard-won skills. We now offer ongoing consultation, both in person and online, to therapists interested in building your clinical prowess, stretching into new levels of strength and effectiveness, going deeper into your own evolution, and building more differentiation in order to grow their clinical work on all levels. 

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More on why consultation is a game changer: 

You know the drill: it's your dreaded toughest couple. You have done your best to be empathic, teach communication skills, uncover childhood dynamics which erupt in their marriage and threaten to rip it asunder.

You have a good connection with each until you make your first important inevitable confrontation. Then you arouse their animal spirits, their brittle defenses and self-protections in one or both partners. Now you are in an emotional swamp.

It can feel like you are walking through a mine field with big clown shoes. 

Typical attempted solutions:

Read books, articles, review notes from conferences, reflect on what research and evidence based approaches offer, talk to a colleague or take a CE course.These all have value but too often they fall woefully short for your particular couple that are rigidly dug in and expect you to give them some tools to make their relationship hum again.

So you grin and bear it and hope/pray the next session will be better.

There is a better way. You can now regain the pride of being a couple’s therapist instead of feeling relieved with a late cancelation.

How? Relief is just a phone call away!  Participate in our “Power Consultation For Therapists With The Toughest Couples.”