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Teletherapy via video or phone is available NOW for couples and individuals. Many couples, just like you are struggling in the wake of the COVID virus. To keep everyone safe we are doing teletherapy, including online Couples Intensives, so we can continue to give you the excellent support and help you need during this crisis situation. Most insurances are covering teletherapy. To book an appointment, please submit this form.
Current clients may access their patient portal via this login link: https://www.therapyportal.com/p/ccpv01060/login

We Provide Live and Online Couples Therapy, Marriage Counseling and Relationship Work in Northampton, MA

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What if we told you there are very predictable stages that couples go through in their relationships, and that couples therapy with us can help you through even the most difficult issues you may be facing?

Couples counseling can help your relationship even if you've been stuck at an impasse for a long time and feel totally hopeless. In fact, our clients often visit us only after their relationship has been mired in seemingly unresolveable issues for years. If your relationship has gotten stuck and you haven't figured out how to get through a conflict from beginning to end without giving up, getting enraged or walking out, the Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley is here to help. Your situation is not unique - you can rest assured knowing that the vast majority of all struggling couples are stuck at the same stage where you're stuck, and that it is often very normal to be stuck in this way.

What are couples intensives?

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The Couples Center has helped relationships recover and repair even when the hardest issues such as infidelity, substance abuse and other seemingly impossible obstacles have occurred. We have found that through sustained work, both healing and developmental growth are possible. If your relationship has been suffering, we would like to hear from you. We can even help when each partner has opposing goals, such as one of you wants to have kids and the other doesn't. The Developmental Model that we utilize requires hard, sustained work, but we have helped many hundreds of couples repair their relationships, even when at the beginning they're not sure they're ready to try.

Together, Directors Donna Gilman, Psy.D. and Katherine Waddell, LMFT have over 40 years of experience working with couples. We have a wonderful, highly trained and specialized staff of 6 licensed Clinicians, an Intake Director as well as Clinical Interns. 

After years of working collaboratively together, our shared passion and excitement for our work with couples motivated us to found the Couples Center of the Pioneer Valley. Our work is inspired by the belief that YOU CAN change your relationship, one step at a time.

Our offices are located in Northampton, Massachusetts, making us conveniently accessible to clients throughout Western Massachusetts.

The Couples Center Was Featured on Money Doctor!

We recently made an appearance on Dr. Frances Rahaim's show Money Doctor. The show is filmed at GCTV - Channel 15, and airs on a variety of public television and radio stations including WMCB Radio 107.9 FM

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