Relationship Coaching

What is the difference between relationship counseling with a licensed therapist, and relationship coaching with a relationship coach? Which one should I choose?

A licensed therapist not only has a masters degree but they also have done a great deal of work under supervision of experienced therapists and countless hours of work with individuals, families and couples before they sit for licensure and once they pass their State license, they are independently licensed to practice individual, couple, and family therapy. They are able to diagnose and treat mental disorders such as depression and anxiety, as well as substance abuse disorders. They are a good choice for people Who have more complex issues, as well as folks who have run-of-the-mill couples issues around communication, navigating your differences, and how to stop fighting and start being more productive.

Relationship coaches at CCPV all have a masters degree in Counseling, and a great deal of experience working clinically with individuals, couples, or families. We only hire coaches who have a very sound clinical background and experience. They also have very extensive training here at the center specifically in the developmental model of couples therapy. Coaches are not able to diagnose and treat mental disorders. Rather, their focus is diagnosing and treating relationship issues. Their diagnosis is not about mental disorders but rather about your relationship and based on the Developmental Model, how each of you can focus on your part in finding solutions to your issues. 

Relationship coaches would not be appropriate if within your couple one or both of you have the following issues:

  • Major mental health problems 
  • Current active substance-abuse disorders 
  • Interpersonal violence

Advantages of Coaching

  • No insurance interface, giving complete anonymity to you and your partner
  • Provides an opportunity to work with coaches on a national level with varying skill sets, not involving your insurance companies  
  • Coaching provides a more goal focused plan of action 


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